Canada, UK & Germany


DOMINION CARTRIDGE Company (all were paper except where denoted with * which is brass)
DC CO: 1886 - 1911, used both DC and Dominion headstamps.
Dominion Cartridge Company (Canadian Industries Ltd.): 1911-1955, used DC Co. Headstamps and Dominion headstamps.
C.I.L: (Canadian Industries LTD) 1955-1976, used C.I.L headstamps
IVI: 1977 to  1998 , IVI headstamps
1998-2006: Challenger, Imperial Headstamps

2010+ Imperial Canada headstamps now used by Aurora Enterprises who now use the Imperial brand name


DC Co. No *
DC Co. Canuck (1913-1955)
DC Co. Colony (export to Newfoundland 1918-1927)
DC Co. Crown (1907-?)

DC Co. Empire (for Nobel)

DC Co. Eureka (1892-?)

DC Co. Falcon (1918-1927)
DC Co. Imperial

DC Co. Meteor


DC Co. Regal

DC Co. Sovereign

DC Co. Trap

DC Co. Vulcan

DC Co.




Dominion Canuck



Dominion Crown

Dominion Empty

Dominion Export

Dominion Falcon

Dominion Industrial (8 ga)


Dominion Imperial 

Dominion Maxum

Dominion Meteor

Dominion Old Colony

Dominion Regal
Dominion Setter

Dominion Sovereign

Dominion Trap
Dominion Vulcan

Bufalo (export to Colombia)

Eatonia (Made for Eatons Department Stores, 1924 -?)
E.T.C  (export to Argentina)
Gaviao (export to Brazil)
HB (made for the Hudsons Bay Company, 1928) Hudsons Bay Co..

JC Higgins Canada

JC Higgins Sportload

Nimrod (1886-1896)

Nobels DC Co. Ballistite
 Woodwards (department Stores, 1958-1961)


  CIL Industries (1955-1976) and IVI (Successors to Dominion)



CIL Canuck
CIL Maxum

CIL Imperial
CIL Trap
CIL Meteor

IVI Canuck
IVI Imperial



Supreme Smokeless


2010+ Imperial Canada headstamps now used by Aurora Enterprises

Imperial Canada

Munitions Challenger

since 1996.

Score Canada

Superior Canada (SNC Lavalin)


ELEY Bros. Ltd (Winnipeg, Canada)

Eley Canada
Eley Bros. Canada
Eley Bros. Can


It is assumed that the hulls were purchased from other Companies and loaded by this Company.  You will notice many Eley and Winchester names used by this maker. Primers were DC Co. or Eley.

Prince of Wales
HSA Express
HSA Repeater
HSA Grand Prix
HSA Arrow
HSA Crimson
HSA, Eley


WEST CAN Industries (Okotoks, Alberta)
Plastic 1 piece hulls like Activ (1959-1966)




Super XL
Comet XL
Comet II


VARIOUS Other Canadian Companies

Colonial (Colonial Ammunition Co.)
E.C Boyd (Simcoe, Ontario)
Gevelot Canada
H Short & Sons (Victoria, BC)
Ketchum & Co. (Ottawa, Ontario)
Kilby (Ralph Kilby, Montreal)*

Larievere Hardware Co. (Montreal)
Montreal Cartridge Co. (T.W Boyd)



Starke (Starke Powder Co.)

Starke Powder Co. (Toronto, Ontario)

T. Costen & Co. (Montreal, Quebec)
T.W Boyd (Hardware Chain in Montreal, Quebec)
Western Super X
Western Xpert  
Y&S Co





1824 to present


E in Shield (raised)

E ** London (raised)

3 stars London (Raised)

EB dots London

E.B. London (raised)

EB in shield Eley London

Eley London

Eley London asterisks

Eley London Dots

Eley London (Top)

Eley London (Raised)

Eley London Damp proof

Eley Eley


Eley Gastight

Eley London Gastight

Eley NI London

Eley Bros London (Raised)

Eley Bros London (Impressed)


Eley Nobel dots

Eley Nobel



Eley Nitro Ball

Eley Pegamoid Waterproof

Eley Ejector

Eley's Ejector

Eley's Ejector London

Eley Rocket

E *R Eley.London


Eley's Express


Eley's Grand Prix


Eley Kynoch

Eley-Kynoch ICI


Eley Kynoch ICIANZ (ICI Australia-New Zealand)

S Corte Genova Eley London

L Christope Bruxelles Eley


Westley Richards & Co Eley


Eley for Explosifs Clermont

H C S NY Eley London

J Purdy & Son's Eley London


Nobel's Empire

Nobel's-Empire N


Nobel's Ballistite Eley


Nobel's Ballistite EBL Logo

Nobel's Ballistite EBL Logo dots

Nobel's Ballistite Eley


Nobel Glasgow

Nobel-Glasgow N

Nobel Glasgow Made in Canada

A&N.C.S. LTD Eley London

A&N.C.S. London


A Conyers Eley London

Adkins & Son Bedford Eley

A Sanders Maidstone Eley




Agnew & Son Eley Exeter

Armstrong Newcastle Eley

 Armstrong & Co Newcastle upon Tyne Eley



Army & Navy C.S Ltd Eley

Army & Navy C.S Ltd Bombay

Atkin 2 Jermy NSLSW Eley



Bond Thetford Eley


Burrow Preston Eley

Burrow.Preston & Carlisle Eley


Beesley London Eley

C Lancaster Eley's Ejector

Carr Brothers Huddersfield Eley


Cogswell & Harrison Ld Eley

Cogswell & Harrison London

Cox & Son Southampton Eley

Cox & Son Southampton


Crockhart Stirling Eley

Curtis's & Harvey LTD London Eley

Curtis's & Harvey LTD London


Dickson & Son Edinburgh Eley

Fawcett Kirby Londsdale Eley

Greenfields & Storrington Eley


H Jones Wrexham Eley

Hodgson Ripon Eley

Hodgson Ripon


Holland & Holland Nitro Paradox Eley

Holland & Holland  Paradox Eley

Holland & Holland Eley





Holland & Holland



Hooton & Jones Liverpool Eley


J Graham & Son Edinburgh Eley

J Graham & Co Inverness  Eley


J.D Dougall & Sons Glasgow Eley

J. Harkom & Sons Edinburgh Eley


J Purdey & Sons Eley Ejector

Purdey & Sons London Eley

J Swinfen Maidstone Eley


James Kirkayr Eley

Jeffery Plymouth Eley

Jeffery Guildford Eley

Lang London Eley

Maleham Scheffield & London Eley


Morrow Halifax Eley

Millburn Brampton Eley

Monarch Gun Works London Eley


Newton Manchester Eley

Richardson Barnard Castle Eley

 Ramsbottom Manchester Eley


Smith & Sons Newark Eley

T Bland & Sons Eley

T Bland & Sons London




W.J Jeffery & Co Ltd London E (Eley)

W.J Jeffery & Co London

W. Powell & Son BIRMm Eley

W.R Pape Newcastle Eley

West & Son Retford Eley


Westley Richards Birmingham Eley

Westley Richards Super Magnum Explora

Westley Richards

Williams & Powell L'Pool Eley








Kynoch &  Company

G.K London

Kynoch stars

Kynoch stars (Raised)



Kynoch Birmingham (raised)

Kynoch Birmingham

Kynoch Birmingham

Kynoch N.I. Birmingham

Kynoch Black

Kynoch Bonax ETL


Kynoch England

Kynoch Gastight


Kynoch Grouse


Kynoch Nitro-ball (antique font)

Kynoch NitroBall


Kynoch Nobel

Kynoch Nobel (Antique Font)

Kynoch Paradox

Kynoch Patent


Kynoch Patent Opex


Kynoch Perfect Birmingham

Kynoch Perfect

Kynoch Perfect


Kynoch Primax ETL

Kynoch Waterproof

Kynoch's Patent

Kynoch's Patent Grouse Cartridge No 2090

Kynoch's Grouse Patent No 2090




A.J Jewson Halifax Kynoch

Baker London Kynoch's Patent Grouse No 2090

Boss & Co London Kynoch


C. Boswell 126 Strand Kynoch

Cogswell & Harrison Kynoch's Patent Grouse

Cogswell & Harrison

Cogswell & Harrison London


Daintith Warrington Kynoch

Daintith Warrington


Dixon & Co Birmingham Kynoch

Dixon & Co Aston Kynoch


Hardy Bros LTD Alnwick Kynoch

J Lang & Son Grouse Ejector London Kynoch Patent

J Ribgy & Co London. Kynoch's Patent Grouse


J. Woodward & Sons Kynoch

Johnson & Wright LTD Northampton Kynoch

Linsley Bros Leeds & Brantford Kynoch's patent Grouse Ejector


Monk Chester Kynoch's Patent Grouse Ejector

Normal Powder Co Kynoch's Patent Grouse Ejector

Pape Newcastle & Sunderland Kynoch

R. Robinson - Hull- Kynoch

R.T Hodgson Harrogate Kynoch



S Grant Kynoch London

S Jackson Kynoch Nottingham



Smythe Darlington Kynoch

Venables & Son Oxford Kynoch

V.L &D New York Kynoch


W. Evans London Kynoch

W. Evans London Kynoch

W Griffith Manchester Kynoch's Patent Grouse Ejector

Williams & Powell Liverpool Kynoch's Patent Grouse Ejector

Weston Brighon & Hallsham Kynoch



Hull Cartridge Company

Hull Cartridge Co.

Hull Cartridge

Hull Cartridge Co. Ltd



Nobel's Empire

Nobel's-Empire N


Nobel's Ballistite Eley

Nobel Ejector N



Nobel's Ballistite EBL Logo

Nobel's Ballistite EBL Logo dots

Nobel's Ballistite Eley

Nobel's Ballistite N


Nobel Glasgow

Nobel-Glasgow N

Nobel Glasgow Made in Canada

D Fraser & Son Edinburgh Eley

Daniel Fraser & Son Edinburgh Eley


D.Gray & Co Inverness Eley



Horton Glasgow Eley

Horton Glasgow


J Harkom & Son Edinburgh Eley

J Graham & Co Inverness Eley


A Allan Glasgow

C Playfair & Co Aberdeen

Dickson Edinburgh

Dougal Glasgow


MacPherson Inverness

McNaughton Edinburgh Eley

McNaughton Edinburgh-Perth


Pneumatic Edinburgh




Braddel & Son Belfast

Hunter & Son Belfast

Kavanagh & Sons Dublin

Truelock & Harriss Dublin








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