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Rimfire/Inside Primed Headstamp & ID Guide released OCTOBER 1, 2009 containing more than 1000 Rimfire and IP cartridges and their headstamps, company information and known calibers and dates of production. Over 1000 box photo's are also included to assist with dating your cartridges. The interactive and searchable guide will also contain pictures (actual photo's not drawing) of most rimfire and Inside Primed cartridges along with an ID measurement chart to assist you in determining the caliber of your unknown cartridges.

Included is a pictoral listing of many Early, primitive and transitional Cartridges.


Rimfire Guide Samples Below



RIMFIRE and Inside primed Cartridge ID Guide




Centerfire Headstamp & ID Guide

More than 4700 headstamps and listings.  Included is company information, other headstamps used and dates of use when known. Contains links to manufacturers websites, pages to specific country information such as WW2 French and German ammunition marking practices, NATO codes, British L codes etc. A brief history of Modern conflicts and much, much more.  Measurement Guide contains more than 3600 cartridges with cartridge photo's and detailed measurements to help you ID your cartridges. This guide is fully searchable and easy to navigate. 1.33GB of cartridge Data containing thousands of pictures.


Centerfire Headstamp Guide Samples


 Centerfire Cartridge Measurement Guide page selection

(Mostly Actual cartridge photo's, not drawings) 



Finally a Cartridge Headstamp guide with Search capabilities.
No more searching through page after page or needing multiple books to find your headstamps.....and Updates are free via e-mail so you do not have to buy new programs or spend more money.

Much better than a book in so many ways.
Easy to use DVD with thousands of Photo's and drawings to make identification easy. The DVD has is it's own program and has launch features to make operating easy...Simply put in your DVD drive and follow the instructions. Will work with any Windows system (Windows 95 or newer...including Windows 7,9 and 10 both 32 and 64 bit). NOT guaranteed to work with MAC.

Professionally designed with Hyper Publish software.

Large fonts to make reading easy on the eyes.

Centerfire Guide: 8000+ color & B&W Photo's / Drawings / Listings

Rimfire: 2800+ Headstamps, Cartridge and Box Photo's

Many new headstamps and headstamps that were once previously unknown in other publications are included.

Individual listings arranged in a simple chart format.  NO more flipping through page after page trying to cross reference multiple charts.

 Easy, accurate and fully searchable headstamp listings

Notice of Updates and new additions to the DVD will be posted on this website to notify you so you can ask for email downlaod updates. No need to buy another book or update. Corrections already displayed on this site are already included on DVD's being ordered now. Option to have either an updated DVD version burned on to your existing DVD ($15 shipping and handling charge for replacement DVD) or Free updates via email and download.


Special Sections included:

***Section: Detailed Company history (selected companies who provided info).
***Section for Commonwealth country military codes/Id help (Centerfire Only)
***Section for specific Country headstamp information (Germany, Sweden, USSR, Italy & France) (Centerfire Only).
  ***DWM Numbered headstamp chart (Centerfire Only).

Some feedback quotes/ Testimonials from buyers:
"...easy to read and a lot of information. It is like 5 books in one"....., Minnesota. 2010

"....Really like the search feature, makes what I am looking for easy"....Holland, 2008

" I recently received a copy of your DVD and found the information quite
valuable. I work for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms in
Washington, DC as """"" for Firearms & Ammunition Identification
Training. I continually search for information products that would benefit
our special agents who must identify ammunition. We have approximately xxx
Special Agents who testify as firearm & ammunition experts in federal court.
Your product would be of benefit and therefore I would like to  purchase multiple copies
....ATF officer, USA, 2009

"...nice format, easy to read and contains a wealth of info. Thanks for helping us collectors out".....Michigan, 2011.

"I am an ATF special agent in ........ and your CD comes highly recommended.
I wish to buy at least 6 of them for the firearms/ammunition expert
witnesses within the ...... Field Division of ATF."  ....ATF officer, USA  2017

Our University currently has 45 copies of your CD for our forensics training. Can you please provide information on expanding this to a license of 150 units. We find this a very valuable tool for our students. Canada, 2012

Thanks for making such an amazing product. I use it daily in my work and find this a huge asset. US Dept of Justice, USA, June 2015


Also Included with each Headstamp Guide: Cartridge ID Guide with actual Photos's and measurements of thousands of cartridges. 

Has all the measurements and information required to assist in identifying your cartridges (Case length, Over all length, diameters of: Rim, Neck, Base, and Shoulder. Also includes the year of Introduction when known, cartridge alias' and primer type. Centerfire Guide contains over 3500 actual cartridge photo's, and Rimfire more than 700 to make it even easier to ID. In fact many people buy this simply for all the cartridge photos for identification. 92% of all cartridges in the guide have Photo Pictures with the measurements. This guide includes many of the new cartridges that are not available on-line or on this site or in other books. The charts for Centerfire are separated in to groupings and are also fully searchable just like the headstamp guide.

This Program will include up to and including some 25mm/1"cartridges.

The rimfire charts are organized by Rimfire caliber (smallest to largest) and then an Inside Primed cartridge Section.

System requirements:

Windows 95 or higher version, including Windows 10.

(Will NOT work with Mac)

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Law Enforcement/Educational:
Licensing of DVD for multiple computers available. Please email for quote.




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